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Work Experience

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New Eyes conceived, designed, launched and led a successful White Label Management Consultancy for a leading multinational recycling operator from start up to fully operational within 6 months.


Expanded group offering

Generated £m revenues

Opened up new markets

Improved client relationships  

Enhanced group reputation      

Low start up budget         


Established but stalling business serving most industry sectors within the UK found struggling to differentiate from the competition and in need of a makeover. New Eyes on a rebrand, a re-alignment of services to meet emerging markets and a re-design of sales collateral reversed fortunes


30% YOY revenue growth (Y1,2,3)

95% customer retention    

Sustainable profits above target       

8 industry awards         


Rapid growth through acquisition and aggresive sales resulted in a FTSE 250 organisation losing customers at the same rate as it was winning them. With the cost of sale & the cost to serve escalating with potentially irreparable damage to its brand an answer was needed. New Eyes on A Customer Care Academy


Service excellence as standard 

UK shared best practice       

Pride in the workplace           

Single digit churn                  

Conceived, designed and started up a new £MM Limited company building a full turnkey registered business attracting investment and new customers. Challenging the status quo through a unique differentiated service portfolio. New Eyes on:


Start Up business case production     

Full company branding & marketing      

Suite of promotional collateral

Commercial modelling

Exit strategies

A highly competitive mature market and an over aggressive sales force resulted in the "buying" of business at an alarming rate. Poor sales skills, conceding profit margins, ensured the underselling of one of the UKs most iconic brands. Investment and focus on value added sales was necessary. New Eyes on the Excellence in Sales Programme.


Blended sales training     

Transactional & consultative levels      

Tailored content via on line platform 



Working with in-house IT to Design & implement a "live" sales transaction process for a UK SME sales force. Pre-tablet technology, using PDAs; a unique digital approach to transactional sales was launched improving sales productivity, speeding up client to cash and allowing real time analysis of BDM performance. New Eyes on an:

Industry USP     

£3m sales transactions p/month        

Live sales activity data           

Paperless process             

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