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Over 30 years building teams for organisations - SME, multi-national,  plc and my own 

A Selection of Career Projects and Assignments

UK Sales Force Transformation

Designed & implemented a "live" sales transaction process for a UK SME sales force. Pre-tablet technology to enable recording and measurement of sales activity.


Industry 1st /  USP     

£3M Sales Transactions p/month        

Live Sales Activity Data           

Paperless Process / Performance Management  

Solution to Customer Churn

Leading a customer care strategy to help FTSE 250 organisation slow customer churn rate. From spend analysis to training, customer engagement and feedback, a UK standard was implemented with excellent results ongoing.


Double digit to single digit churn rate, 15% increased customer spend, enhanced customer collaboration, PR -Award nominations, motivated A/C management teams.          

Sales Offering Development

Established but stalling UK business serving most industry sectors struggling to differentiate from the competition. Realigned offering to serve emerging markets, including a re-design of sales collateral, and team training and customer care.


20% YOY Revenue Growth (Y1,2,3)

93% Customer Retention

Sustainable Profits/Industry Awards     

White Label Launch

Conceived, designed, launched and led a successful Management Consultancy for multinational recycling operator. Fully operational within 6 months.


Expanded Group Offering  Generated £m Revenues / Opened Up New Markets / Enhanced Brand Low Start-up Budget 

£MM Company Founder

Conceived, designed, launched a new £MM sustainability company currently competing in the UK with established brands. A successful. respected new offering that is growing YOY.


Hands on company build including branding, recruitment, structure, governance, policies, compliance, supply chain, contracting, sales and strategic account management.

UK Sales Academy

Flagging sales, "buying business" at eroded margins, customer churn and demotoivated teams having significant impact on iconic UK Brand. I conceived and launched an internal UK Sales Academy to improve sales growth and customer retention.


Increased Sales  / Consultative Selling / Upskilled personnel Margin Enhancement / Shared Best Practice

Other Projects and Assignments Carried Out for SMEs, Start-Ups snd Sole Traders

Producing Company Policies, Sales Collateral, Value Propositions, Brochures, Websites

Providing Assessment and Monitoring of Key Personnel - Sales, Customer Care, Operations Managers

Facilitating Training Coaching and Mentoring

Offering Support on Company Structure and Governance

Standing in for Middle / Senior Management on Interim Basis

Supporting Supply Chain Management

Carrying  out Customer Care on Key Accounts / Fascilitating 360 Client Feedback

Supporting Proposals  / Bids   / Value Creation

General Consulting Services for Business Owners and SLTs

new eyes consultancy

A Selection of Clients

DS Smith
Devon Contract Waste
What Rubbish
Jill Chapman Harley Street London
Bovey Golf
Packaged Group Ltd
Rest Assured Holidays
Packaged Group
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