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Robin Chambers

With over 30 years’ experience in the waste, recycling and resource recovery sector, leading UK sales and operations teams for plc.

As co. founder and owner of Packaged Group Ltd, I invest in, guide and advise this unique multi-million-pound "disrupter" business. Continually driving waste reduction, setting the standards in ethical trading, providing sustainable, innovative solutions to UK industry whilst ensuring this brand and its team are synonymous with quality.

Working closely with client partners, an extensive UK supply chain and innovators within the circular economy I have learnt much about creating and delivering value to an organisation. I understand the power of healthy customer relationships and the significance of highly engaged customer facing teams within rapidly commoditised, and demanding markets.


I am keen to impart my knowledge, my experiences, the learnings from my mistakes and the skills I have gleaned over many years, to help companies, big or small, deliver to target.


Are you a new, start up or growing business and need some practical management help on a short term or part time basis? 

Please call for a free initial consultation to better understand how I can add value to your business.

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